About Our Club

We are a friendly group of agility enthusiasts that

strive to provide an atmosphere where both dog and handler have an opportunity to learn new skills, build their bond and just overall have a great time together in a friendly, low-key atmosphere.  

Who We Are


JContact Zonies is an agility club organized to promote this dog sport in the Valley.  We started as the first club in Phoenix in 1992.  We are named after the painted areas at the ends of some equipment –  the “contact zone”. 

Contact Zonies welcomes students who are training for competition and those training just for fun.  The most important requirements are that you want to spend quality time with your dog and are interested in learning about the sport of Dog Agility. Agility is a team sport – you are the coach and leader of the team.

All training is done in a positive manner with food, toys, and praise.  Corrections are not allowed. There are no “NO’s” in agility. It is our desire to insure that each dog and owner has a positive training experience.  It is recommended that your dog respond to basic commands such as come, sit, down, and stay.

A dog’s age is not a criteria for acceptance into the classes, overall health is more important. Puppies under the age of 1 year may be accepted on a per case basis.  All breeds and mixed breeds are accepted. 

For more information and registration information contact: Laurie Jackson at registercontactzonies@gmail.com.

2020-21 Board



Chris Hill

Vice President

Lin Hainlen


Carol Urban


Diane Rowley

Site Manager

Mary Christner


Laurie Jackson

Training Coordinator

Position Open


Jana Leitner

Trial Director

Kim O’Connor

Equipment Manager

Jennifer Woelke


Jamie Smith


Jill Schuch

Contact Zonies’ Club Bylaws